DevOps Fundamentals


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    Looking at how to learn DevOps as an IT skill? This Intro DevOps Training will teach you about this critical job function as an IT professional.

    Course instructor Joe Holbrook will walk students through the training, which will best benefit programmers who want to deploy applications on GCP (the Google Cloud Platform), Cloud managers, Cloud administrators, Cloud architects, solution architects, and Cloud developers.

    The course comes with numerous demos and whiteboard sessions, as well as a progress tracker and a practice quiz.

    What you will learn & what comes with the course:

    A condensed introduction to DevOps & best practices
    Over 30 lectures/modules on the topic of DevOps training
    Topics such as Continuous Integration, Deployment, Release Management,
    Infrastructure as Code, and Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s).
    Supplemental links for study reference material
    Instructor contact info for any questions after the course is complete

    Course Syllabus

    Module 1: Course Overview

    1. Course Overview
    2. Course Pre Reqs

    Module 2: The Basics

    1. The Basics
    2. What is DevOps
    3. DevOps Building Blocks
    4. DevOps Best Practices
    5. Why Containers
    6. What is a Pipeline
    7. Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery
    8. Continuous Deployment
    9. Pipelines – Whiteboard

    Module 3: Development

    1. Development Basics
    2. CICD Strategy
    3. Source Control Management
    4. Demo – Build Management

    Module 4: Infrastructure

    1. Release and Deployments
    2. Release Management
    3. Demo – Release Management
    4. Reliability Engineering
    5. DevOps Tools
    6. Infrastructure as Code
    7. Automation
    8. Demo – (IaaC) CloudFormation
    9. Demo – Jenkins
    10. Demo – GitHub

    Module 5: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    2. KPI Metrics
    3. KPI Tools
    4. Monitoring Applications
    5. Demo – AWS CloudWatch

    Module 6: Course Closeout

    1. Course Closeout
    2. Summary Review
    3. Additional Resources
    4. DevOps Job Outlook
    5. Course Closeout


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