Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training


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    Whether working towards your GCP Certification or seeking working knowledge about GCP DevOps services, our Google Cloud Platform Certification Training is for you. Course instructor Joe Holbrook recommends students have a minor amount of experience before this training, but the course is beginner-friendly.

    The course is best suited for the following students:

    • Cloud Developers, Managers, Administrators, and Architects new to GCP
    • Solution Architects new to GCP
    • Programmers who wish to deploy applications in GCP
    • Anyone interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault-tolerant applications (such as WordPress and Joomla) on the GCP platform IaaS or PaaS

    This Google Cloud Platform Certification training course covers and includes:

    • A condensed guide to GCP DevOps
    • How to deploy CI Pipeline Services such as Cloud Build, Source Repositories, Container Registry, and Kubernetes Engine.
    • Over thirty lectures or modules

    Course Syllabus

    Module 1: Course Overview

    1. Course Overview
    2. Course PreReqs

    Module 2: DevOps Basics

    1. DevOps Fundamentals
    2. What is DevOps
    3. What are Pipelines
    4. Continuous Integration and Delivery
    5. Continuous Deployment
    6. Whiteboard Build Services
    7. Demo – DevOps Services on GCP

    Module 3: App Engine PaaS

    1. App Engine
    2. App Engine Basics
    3. App Engine Demo
    4. App Engine Security Scanner Demo
    5. App Engine or Kubenetes Engine

    Module 4: Kubenetes Engine Overview

    1. Kubenetes Engine
    2. Kubernetes Basics
    3. What is Kubenetes Engine
    4. Demo – Kubenetes Engine Clusters Demo
    5. Kubenetes Engine Application Demo
    6. Kubenetes Engine Whiteboard

    Module 5: DevOps Developer Tools

    1. DevOps Services Tools
    2. Demo – Cloud SDK
    3. Demo – Cloud Shell
    4. Demo – Cloud Build
    5. Demo – Container Registry
    6. Demo – Cloud Source Repositories
    7. Demo – Private Catalog
    8. Demo – Artifact Registry

    Module 6: Microservices

    1. Microservices
    2. Demo – Cloud Watch
    3. Cloud Functions-Cloud Run
    4. Demo – Cloud Functions
    5. Demo – Cloud Run

    Module 7: Management of your DevOps Services

    1. Management and Monitoring
    2. Cloud Operations
    3. Demo – Cloud Operations
    4. Service Accounts
    5. Cloud Endpoints and Apigee
    6. Demo – Workflows and Cloud Tasks
    7. Demo – Recommendation Engine
    8. Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)
    9. Deployment Manager
    10. Demo – Deployment Manager
    11. Demo – Cloud Marketplace

    Module 8: Resources and Closeout

    1. Resources and Closeout
    2. Course Summary
    3. DevOps Roles and Salary Demand
    4. Additional Resources
    5. Google Cloud Platform Certification
    6. Course Closeout


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