Microsoft Modern Desktop Administrator: Windows 10 (MD-100) PRO*


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    Microsoft’s outlines for Windows 10 certification as a “Modern Desktop Administrator Associate” cover two learning paths: the MD-100 path, titled Windows 10, and the MD-101 path, titled Managing Modern Desktops. These outlines have different emphases, but some topics overlap. This mini-course presents a guide to both tracks and synopses of the courses. It also explains the areas of overlap and where the two learning paths differ in terms both of content and emphasis. We conclude with study recommendations for both IT administrators and exam candidates.

    In this course, students will learn how to support and configure Windows 10 desktops in an organizational environment. Students will develop skills that include learning how to install, customize, and update Windows 10 operating systems. Students will learn how to managing storage, files, and devices as well as how to configure network connectivity for Windows 10. Students will also learn how to secure the Windows 10 OS and protect the data on the device. Finally, students will learn how to manage and troubleshoot Windows 10.

    The new Microsoft Desktop Administrator Associate certification validates a candidate’s ability to deploy and secure Windows 10, configure connectivity, and manage and protect devices. This course covers the key concepts of Windows 10 implementation for IT professionals who hope to pass exam MD-100: Windows 10, one of two required exams for this certification. Learn how to choose between an upgrade and a clean install, create installation media, migrate to Windows 10, and configure and manage device drivers. Instructor helps you configure key settings and applications your clients will need, including the Start menu preferences, notifications, Cortana, and Hyper-V. She also explores enterprise-level solutions such as Active Directory-based activation of Windows.