OSHA Training


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    This course is designed for individuals interested in OSHA, or the general industry health and safety standards for their staff. This Outreach Training Program is for employees and groups interested in learning more about Cal/OSHA General Industry Standards and policies. Course topics include Title 8 General Industry Standards and compliance, Outreach Training Programs as well as those which are most hazardous in general industry, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, and Cal/OSHA training guidelines.

    Upon course completion, students will be able to understand the relationship between OSHA and Cal/OSHA Standards/policies/procedures. They will be able to identify hazards that occur in the general industry, locate and determine appropriate Cal/OSHA General Industry Standards/policies/procedures, and describe the use of Cal/OSHA General Industry Standards/regulations to supplement an ongoing safety and health program. This course meets the requirement of the annual training for generalized work areas only.

    What you will learn:

    Demonstrate knowledge of hazards in the workplace such as slips, falls, fires, and burns
    Knowledge of PPE and prevention of respiratory illness
    Demonstrate knowledge of MSDS sheets with the importance and requirements of each chemical
    Knowledge of fire and electrical safety
    This course is intended for any student or employer that requires annual required training to meet federal guidelines.


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