ICD 10 & 11 Medical Coding and Billing


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    Complete Anatomy, ICD, CPT, and Billing course encompasses everything students need to know to successfully pass the test required to secure relevant employment in the healthcare field. This course not only covers medical terminology, knowledge of body systems, how to select the correct diagnosis and procedure codes, but it also gives students complete billing guidelines needed to submit claims to insurance companies and receive payment. With exposure to both ICD 10 and 11, students will have an advantage in the healthcare industry for open positions in this field.

    Both Anatomy and Medical Terminology are the foundation for medical billing and coding, this course lays down the building blocks to ensure all students can complete this course with confidence. The Anatomy Module will take you through all body systems with a focus on common medical conditions and medical terminology with the expanded focus on root words, prefix and suffix meanings.

    ICD and CPT Modules include the history of coding, outpatient guidelines meaning of codes in order to properly code medical documentation. As we go step by step through each chapter of the manual, reviewing operative reports and diagrams to properly link a condition to a code.

    Medical billing and reimbursement modules cover federal compliance rules and regulations as well as step by step on the flow from the initial patient visit to receiving a check from insurance or patient.

    In addition to course modules, students will get multiple flashcards, diagrams, charts and real world exposure to multiple coding examples. As you go through this course at your own pace, you still will have the feel of a one on one classroom experience. Tools provided in this course will ensure you have the skills to enter one of the fastest-growing fields.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of function and structure of the human body
    • Understand common disorders that occur within various body systems
    • Understand and apply diagnostic coding for ICD 10 and ICD 11
    • Understand and apply procedure coding (CPT)
    • Understand the use of appropriate modifiers and impact
    • Apply billing concepts used to pay claims and work insurance denials

    This course is intended for any student who wishes to enter the healthcare field or improve skills needed to receive accreditation.


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