Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10


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    James Hollis will guide students through this Windows 10 Certification course in preparation for passing the MD-100 Windows 10 exam. Learn how to install Windows 10 with a minimal amount of administrative effort. Preparation, the process, activation, and troubleshooting will be covered in this IT training session.

    You will also learn how to perform an in-place upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, configure hardware devices, manage device drivers, and perform post-install configuration. Additionally, users will obtain knowledge on how to configure additional languages plus regional settings.

    Course objectives

    • Beginner-friendly learning material
    • For anyone looking to enhance their Windows 10 networking/administration skills
    • Geared towards passing the MD-100 Windows 10 examination
    • How to deploy Windows 10
    • Managing devices and data, post-install
    • Configuring connectivity
    • Maintaining Windows 10


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